• Solutions for All

    We have significant experience of and ability to exploit the opportunities in IT in connection with streamlining business processes and we can provide solutions with different expertise.

  • Responsive Web Technology

    Responsive HTML5 & CSS3. Valid code, latest technologies, always up-to-date. Compatible with the latest desktop and mobile browsers down to IE8. Works perfectly wherever you need and wherever you want.


About Us

We are a software and consulting company specializing in Data Conversion Services, Geographical Information Services, Web Based Solutions and System Integration.

Our company have survives many challenges including from the competitors, economic slowdown and even the rapid changes of technological advance each time. We have carried out work for government and commercial organizations. All product is tailored to match customer needs, overcoming problems, meet customer requirement in order to produce reliable , cost effective solutions.

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Break down a problem into a simple idea and then present it as beautifully as possible.


Once we agree on functionality, our developers can work with or without extensive supervision.


Once the functionality are defined, we translate the functionality into code.


One the code completed, we do unit testing, coverage analysis and code review.


Once the extensive testing has been done, we'll deploy to your platform.